Finding the *SECRET* BOSS in Fortnite SEASON 6!

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NEW Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 Update added a Mysterious Spooky GHOST BOSS on the Fortnite Map! Today we locate the Spooky NPC Willow, and Fortnite Rocket League LLama Rama V2 Rewards and Challenges go LIVE!
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Home Of Games
Home Of Games Month ago
New *SECRET* BOSS Locations in Fortnite SEASON 6!
Filipopolis211 11 days ago
Hi Men
henry mukuka
henry mukuka 16 days ago
Kate Ross
Kate Ross 23 days ago
Christian Baez Baez
Christian Baez Baez 27 days ago
@Ismet Jashari you a hater
Montage 516
Montage 516 29 days ago
Ethan Sebastian
Ethan Sebastian 2 days ago
I always find her when i got to weping wood
Me And My Friends
Me And My Friends 3 days ago
Why does a sweat wants to go where it starts with N N because it wants to crank 90s
Michelle Quido
Michelle Quido 3 days ago
Hello Yumi🤗
Mohd Atari
Mohd Atari 4 days ago
Joke why do we play fortnite bekos we fort in a night
Colton Loftin
Colton Loftin 4 days ago
I have a joke knock knock whows their pe pe who pe you !!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrey K.L.H
Andrey K.L.H 5 days ago
Why do seagulls fly over the ocean? Because if they flew over the bay we would call then bagels.
Ala Abdallah
Ala Abdallah 7 days ago
That joke is from a comic book called dog man!
X 7 days ago
Ok my joke is My mom: it’s chilli outside Me:where the chilli
Medieval_Times 7 days ago
Love your Frenchy's
Eileen John
Eileen John 8 days ago
Why do pirates was under pants said they don’t get wet
paul tv
paul tv 8 days ago
paul tv
paul tv 8 days ago
Joshuaawesomegaming 8 days ago
Why does Mr. head cross the road I don’t know kiddo to poopy town and the candy
Melissa Montoneri
Melissa Montoneri 8 days ago
Knock knock who’s there bear Bear bum 🤣😂😂😂😂
Maya Diaz
Maya Diaz 9 days ago
my name on fort night pokiman4565
Mujahid Tamraiz
Mujahid Tamraiz 9 days ago
So cute
Samantha Meredith
Samantha Meredith 9 days ago
Adorable dogs
Carrie Campbell
Carrie Campbell 9 days ago
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 10 days ago
Knock knock. Who's there? Stampamish. Stampamishwho? *stamp* ...OWWW my foot!!!
banana guy
banana guy 10 days ago
My joke is why do people call the super hero woderwomen because she is always wondering where her invisible jet is
Trenton Amador
Trenton Amador 10 days ago
i subed pls gift me battle pass my name big the dude
Mahin Chowdhury
Mahin Chowdhury 11 days ago
Catatonic ln
Mahin Chowdhury
Mahin Chowdhury 11 days ago
You get it
Christa Ostler
Christa Ostler 11 days ago
Knock knock who’s there Who who who why are you an owl
aicha Zoumanigi
aicha Zoumanigi 11 days ago
What’s the foundation that’s a chicken around a chicken ha ha Ha that was the punchline
Emily Duff
Emily Duff 11 days ago
What do you call a pterodactyl that's peeing in the bathroom
Jessica fabas ennett
Jessica fabas ennett 11 days ago
Presdin plaeys
Presdin plaeys 11 days ago
Presdin plaeys
Presdin plaeys 11 days ago
Rob robs rob
BraveBear44 12 days ago
I liked and subbed and turned on notes.
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 13 days ago
AtLeastI'mTrying Animations
AtLeastI'mTrying Animations 14 days ago
Are you kidding me this is one of the easiest bosses to find ever
Suzanna Guzman
Suzanna Guzman 14 days ago
Suzanna Guzman
Suzanna Guzman 14 days ago
What do you call or floors with
Monica Garza
Monica Garza 14 days ago
GeorgeTha Gamer
GeorgeTha Gamer 15 days ago
What happens if you show a chicken in it and then you kill it and it has a wing chicken wing hot dog and bologna
Lana Mousseau
Lana Mousseau 15 days ago
That house is the house of big chuggus because when shadow was experimenting on slurp juice the brought big chuggus hack that is why he looks like bane from batman because the slurp juice go into him to keep him alive
Lewis Armitage
Lewis Armitage 15 days ago
When you where whering that style that was Batman’s belt
Moyna Gopal
Moyna Gopal 15 days ago
Dane Freeman
Dane Freeman 15 days ago
Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson 16 days ago
Ohh and when willow dies she goes to a haunted house and she shows in person
Gacha Kid
Gacha Kid 16 days ago
My name in fortnite is moral-jelly7
Thomas Litteral
Thomas Litteral 16 days ago
Genshin Gamer
Genshin Gamer 16 days ago
I found Willow at night and I didn’t even know it was rare
John Clem
John Clem 16 days ago
My name on Xbox is Eastking25
Skycreeper369 Gaming
Skycreeper369 Gaming 16 days ago
That made me laugh so hard
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney 17 days ago
My user name is MiniGrugematch75 I subscribed
07excek 17 days ago
That was funny
Braxton Reyes
Braxton Reyes 17 days ago
I love your videos and I am sasribed
LazerSphere _591
LazerSphere _591 17 days ago
I was wondering around weeping woods at night and then I accidentally found Willow so I talked to her and yeah then I left so that's cool.
Dominick Narvaez
Dominick Narvaez 17 days ago
Plz donate me the battle pass my name is BadVibes094035
Roland Sylvestre
Roland Sylvestre 17 days ago
Alexies Pink
Alexies Pink 17 days ago
Why did agent Jones cross the bridge because he tried to find this 7th
Alexies Pink
Alexies Pink 17 days ago
Why did agent Jones cross the bridge
Little Dude
Little Dude 18 days ago
Knock knock_who is there joe_ Joe mama
Amy Delude
Amy Delude 18 days ago
My user name is RedSoxHomer and my joke is what's a farmer's car called a convertible
eburns288 18 days ago
Joke what do to call a octapaus say to the other octapaus can I hold your Hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand
mike brockmeier
mike brockmeier 18 days ago
kaleb coates
kaleb coates 18 days ago
Knock knock who’s there banana banana who banana in the bath Tom
Slick Dude
Slick Dude 19 days ago
Andraina Rohy
Andraina Rohy 19 days ago
what begins with fort and ends with nite fortnite
thememegod 19 days ago
I already found it before this vid
Mahdia Boutaleb
Mahdia Boutaleb 19 days ago
Joke: why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use a HONEYCOMBS. Get it?
Mahdia Boutaleb
Mahdia Boutaleb 19 days ago
Face reveal?!?! Wooooo!
Tripp Gibson
Tripp Gibson 19 days ago
Knock knock who's there banana banana who banana banana banana banana banana who banana Hootie Hoo
aa hayf
aa hayf 19 days ago
Plz I need it my username is Ship250vengeful PS4
Noble 6
Noble 6 19 days ago
Im XxawsomeBOI123
Jennifer Bockelman
Jennifer Bockelman 19 days ago
Marianela Mesa
Marianela Mesa 20 days ago
Can you Gift me my name is glokhster1011
B Rice Kid
B Rice Kid 20 days ago
Knock knock who’s there chicken a chicken some Fortnite
B Rice Kid
B Rice Kid 20 days ago
Daniël Van der putte
Daniël Van der putte 20 days ago
I love the dogs What kinda dogs are it
Julie Ball
Julie Ball 20 days ago
Joke why dose Donald trump trump alot because he has a big but
Abdullah Alzaid
Abdullah Alzaid 20 days ago
Abdullah console Nintendo swich
Senseless ColorZ
Senseless ColorZ 20 days ago
I must play way to often cause Ive seen this boss a handful of times already.
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez 20 days ago
I eat chicken
Britt Williams
Britt Williams 20 days ago
Becky DiAngelo
Becky DiAngelo 20 days ago
What happens when a vampire snowman bites you you get frostbite
Sabrina Boyd
Sabrina Boyd 20 days ago
Why was the cat scared of the tree because of its bark
Taé Anderson
Taé Anderson 21 day ago
What did the 🌊 say to the other 🌊 nothing it just waved
Tupa Battersby
Tupa Battersby 21 day ago
my name on fortnite is ActiveHyena and i already have the battle pass
Cowboy 96
Cowboy 96 21 day ago
What did one ocean say to the other ocean nothing they just waved
fortnite fan
fortnite fan 21 day ago
I Love you 😘 goneofgams
Musharraf Abdi
Musharraf Abdi 21 day ago
you when your mom sees you wearing shoes in the house :`(
Wyatt Plamondon
Wyatt Plamondon 21 day ago
I love your pugs
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 21 day ago
Joke .agent jones konc konc . Jones the frist whos there .agent jones .jones .jones the frist What the raid Pp bescuas spire chanleeseng
Kayden Holland
Kayden Holland 21 day ago
Good one 🤣
Jeff Raab
Jeff Raab 21 day ago
Joke knock knock who’s there I I who I like your cut g
Lonewolf0612 21 day ago
I used your code can you feature me in the next video plzz
Annie Anorico-cantos
Annie Anorico-cantos 21 day ago
I am subscribed with notification bells on
Annie Anorico-cantos
Annie Anorico-cantos 21 day ago
What is a chicken leg to your face keep biting you in the hair
Dani Colito
Dani Colito 22 days ago
When’s the best time to have a parade? March
Oona Smahl
Oona Smahl 22 days ago
Unique voidzz
Unique voidzz 22 days ago
Joke: knock knock who’s there I need a p Answer: I need a pwho Jokego the toilet then
Travoyce Marshall
Travoyce Marshall 22 days ago
The goat 334
Mas from Outer Space
Mas from Outer Space 22 days ago
Freddie O'Bree
Freddie O'Bree 22 days ago
it was so funny
Maximus Williams
Maximus Williams 22 days ago
What do you call a dinosaur that can't do anything What A carntosaurus
Rafeli Baez
Rafeli Baez 22 days ago
Can i have the pass pls
Heather Barker
Heather Barker 22 days ago
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