5 Secrets YOU MISSED in Fortnite Season 6 LIVE Event!

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NEW Fortnite Season 6 Chaper 2 Update adding Season 6 "Zero Crisis" LIVE Event, where Season 6 Battle Pass Skin Agent Jones saves reality by letting "The Foundation" through the Zero Point! Today we cover ALL the hidden secrets in Fortnite Season 6 "Zero Crisis" LIVE Event Gameplay!
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➡️️FORTNITE *ZERO POINT* LIVE EVENT! New Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Gameplay!
➡️️Zero Crisis Finale - Event Video
➡️️SEASON 6 LIVE EVENT CHANGES THE FORTNITE MAP! (Zero Crisis Story Cinematic Reaction!)
➡️️*NEW* SEASON 6 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (Lara Croft + More)
➡️️Unlocking *LEVEL 2,000* in FORTNITE! (What Happens?)
➡️Using my PUPPIES To WIN in Fortnite Season 5!
➡️WORLDS LARGEST Fortnite LOCKER TOUR! ($43,028)
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13 Ways to CHEAT in Fortnite SEASON 6! usposts.info/vision/eMqftNK0p4-KeMg/video
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